In September 2019, our team of registered nurses at Atwell Centre began a flourishing professional relationship with Hamilton Public Health Services due to the ongoing challenges that Public Health has faced during the last two years, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization had deployed its skilled public health nurses in response to the overwhelming need during the rapid incline of patients during the pandemic. As a result, the Public Health Services staff became significantly reduced as they worked quickly to treat the community. 

While Public Health Services continued to show its support for our cause, we returned our gratitude by offering ongoing assistance by taking on additional clients for routine testing, providing treatment, and ensuring all clients received comprehensive care. 

As we are proud to do our part in serving our community, we also thank Hamilton Public Health Services for recognizing and endorsing our partnership.  

Hamilton Public Health Services

For those that are unfamiliar with it, Hamilton Public Health Services provides the community with an array of services and support to protect your health, prevent infectious diseases, and inspect health hazards. The organization is made up of many doctors, nurses, counsellors, and trained health professionals who work tirelessly to aid the citizens of Hamilton. 

Hamilton Public Health Services also provides further education on vaccines, sexual and mental health, environmental hazards, addictions support, and more. The organization equips the community with endless referrals and information on clinics and programs that can help, such as Atwell Centre. 

More About Atwell Centre

Atwell is a medical, educational, and support centre for individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies, post-abortion realities, and questions surrounding sexual health. Our mission is to provide education, information, support, and assistance to women and their partners as they determine decisions about pregnancy and sexual health. 

All clients can receive a free medical-grade pregnancy test and assessment through ultrasound. Our post-abortion support program is designed to help those wanting to understand their feelings and find support in overcoming emotional issues resulting from an abortion. We also offer on-site STI testing and accurate information about healthy sexuality and relationships through our S.H.A.R.E branch. 

The Endorsement 

As mentioned, Atwell has recently received an email with an endorsement from Hamilton Public Health Services. We appreciate the endorsement and recognition that the organization has given us for our assistance, and we look forward to continuing our ongoing professional relationship. Our clinic aims to help people from all walks of life and contribute our support and treatment to the community. 

What Does the Endorsement Mean?

The letter of endorsement from Hamilton Public Health Services shows us that our efforts are recognized. A letter of endorsement is a formal communication document that professionals use to show their support. Not only does the endorsement recognize our support, but it also speaks to our character and what Atwell strives for. We are happy to move forward, knowing that the organization is there to support us as we continue to provide the Hamilton community with the help it deserves. 

For more information about our services, contact Atwell Centre today. Our registered nurses are here to assist during trying times. We ensure everyone that walks through the door is treated with compassion and understanding, whether you’re looking for education about sexual health and wellness or pregnancy assessment through our point-of-care ultrasound services. 

Atwell Info

Atwell Info