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Atwell Centre is a safe and non-judgmental environment that provides women and men with support while exploring pregnancy options, testing for sexually transmitted infections, answering questions post-abortion and providing information around sexual health. Whatever situation you may be in, we’re here to offer our support and guidance during challenging times. Our Hamilton and Oakville clinics are safe spaces with professional services with a dedicated staff of registered nurses and social workers that you can trust.

Pregnancy Options Support

When you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, there are various ways in which our women’s clinic in Hamilton may help:

Pregnancy Testing

We provide free medical-grade pregnancy tests and pregnancy assessment through our point of care ultrasound services.

Once confirmed, we will be able to provide real-time information surrounding your pregnancy using ultrasound imaging. Our ultrasound service allows us to identify the pregnancy, assess the presence of cardiac activity, and determine the gestational age. With this information, we can also provide education regarding the options you have. We encourage everyone to process the information they receive and take the time and space necessary before making an informed choice. Whatever you decide, we’ll be there every step of the way.

STI Testing and Treatment

If you’re concerned about possibly contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI), or you haven’t been tested between partners book an appointment to get tested.

Visit us at Atwell Centre, as we offer free on-site STI screening at no cost and provide important information surrounding sexual health and wellness. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have. We want you to know that your sexual health is important to us, and there are always treatment options available for your situation.

P.A.S. (Post-Abortion Support)

Sometimes life hurts. Our dedicated social workers are available to walk alongside you if you’re struggling with a past choice.

We understand that the choice of pregnancy termination may be one of the most difficult decisions someone can make, but with our P.A.S. (Post-Abortion Support) program, you won’t have to struggle alone. This is a safe place for you to share your experience and feelings with others who understand what you’re going through. 

If you’re struggling with the effects of a past abortion, come into our women’s clinic or contact us to learn more about our P.A.S. program at our sexual health clinic and how it may help you through this challenging time. While we do not offer medical abortions, we’re always available to talk about your options and experiences.

Pregnancy & Beyond

Our Pregnancy and Beyond program is a resource that offers support to those who have decided to continue with their pregnancy.

This program provides mothers with access to free clothing, diapers, wipes, referrals to community resources, and ongoing emotional support and guidance. We pride ourselves on this “model” program, as it offers resources to pregnant mothers during a vulnerable time when they need them most. Our program gives evidence-based education about pregnancy, child development, and the issues that some clients may face. 

We recognize that every client has a unique set of circumstances, and we tailor the program to meet the needs or situations of each individual. If you require more support than we can supply, we can connect you with other resources in the community that can help.

Adoption – Birth Parent Advocacy

At Atwell, we educate parents and give them accurate information and resources regarding the parenting choice of adoption.

While we aren’t an adoption agency, we’ll ensure that you receive proper information, advocacy, and ongoing support if you choose to put your child up for adoption.

The process of planning an adoption for your baby can be a challenging time, and often, there can be a period of grieving. You can count on our clinic to be there for you, both the mother and father, as you move forward toward a new normal.

Referrals, Connections and Community Resources

We provide referrals to medical doctors, professional counselors, adoption services, midwives and other community organizations. 

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Here is what our past clients have said about our services.


Past Client

Lovely, sweet people who are so caring and gentle. I felt so comforted by the staff and it was a truly non-judgemental environment where I could feel safe and supported.


Past Client

Very clean, friendly and warm environment with compassionate staff ready to help. So nice to be in a neutral and non judgmental space to talk about things.


Past Client

Supportive, non-judgemental, helpful, kind & patient.
Whatever option – childbirth, abortion, or adoption – being considered, the Atwell team is very clearly dedicated to helping and serving women (and their partners).


Past Client

The staff at Atwell are not only professional, but helpful and caring. They are anything but judgmental and don’t force their opinions on you. I would highly recommend them! 

* Past clients’ names have been changed for confidentiality. 


At Atwell, the choice is ultimately yours. However, our Registered Nurses provide you with resources and information to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your pregnancy options.

There are two different types of abortion in Canada: medical abortions and surgical abortions. Medical abortions will use medications for the termination of pregnancy, whereas surgical abortions are surgical procedures done by doctors specially trained in the field. Our nurses will give you all the information on both.

If you’re looking into contraception IUD insertion, they can be obtained by talking to your family physician. They will be able to provide you with the proper information related to IUDs.

A pill for pregnancy termination pertains to medical abortion. This is a decision that should be discussed with your family physician.

To learn more about having an abortion in Hamilton, it’s best to discuss the option with your family physician. Abortions can be an intense medical or surgical procedure with specific requirements.

Ultrasounds will depend on the type of abortion you’re considering. If you’re looking for more information regarding your pregnancy, Atwell Centre offers point-of-care ultrasounds which allows us to determine the gestational age and fetal cardiac activity of the pregnancy. These facts are important when making an informed choice.

While your family doctor doesn’t need to know about your abortion, they may be a useful resource.

Pregnancy can produce some of the most difficult decisions to ponder. There are various options available when talking to someone about your pregnancy options, such as your partner, a trusted family member or friend, and a religious advisor or counsellor. Atwell Centre has caring and trustworthy medical professionals who can provide you with education surrounding your options so that you can make an informed choice. Atwell has a holistic approach that ensures you are cared for mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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