We empower women and men through hope, compassion, and information.


We are a medical, educational and support centre for women and men facing unexpected pregnancies, post-abortion realities and questions surrounding their sexual health. We believe that women and men should be empowered to make the best decision they can with the best evidence-based information available.


Our mission is to assist women and men facing unexpected pregnancies and post abortion realities. We provide education, information, support and give practical assistance to women and their partners as they face important decisions about their pregnancy and sexual health.


A society where no one has to face an unexpected pregnancy, sexual health decisions and post-abortion experiences alone.

The History of the Atwell Centre

It started with an Idea


Atwell started with an idea that no woman or couple should have to face an unexpected pregnancy alone. When surveying the greater GTA, the steering committee of Atwell noticed that there was a need for a Pregnancy Care Centre in both Hamilton and Halton. The steering committee was drawn to starting its first location in Hamilton, because of the large university and college presence; always intending to open a satellite location in Halton.

Opening Day


The Atwell Centre (previously: Pregnancy Support Services of Hamilton) opened its doors in Hamilton in 2012.

Open for business (Full Time)


In 2016 the centre opened with full-time hours offering services to the community throughout the week. 

Centre Renovation


In 2019, the centre went through an extenssive renovation to ensure we would be able to serve the community to the best of our abilities. 

Limited Medical Services


In 2020, Atwell Centre opened the limited medical services and switched the services model from utilizing Social Workers to Registered Nurses.

Halton 2022


In 2022, Atwell plans to create an additional centre in the region of Halton, Ontario to be able to serve multiple communities.

Our Values


We are proven professionals in all the areas of services we
offer. Clients initially meet with registered nurses and we have a team of medical
doctors and health care professionals available for consultation when necessary.

Dignity and Non-discrimination

We value the inherent dignity of every human
being, believing each person is made in the image of, and is loved by God. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, ability, age, sexual-orientation, and/or religion. All are welcome.

Education and Information

Information is critical in decision making.  Education and information empowers, transforms, and acts as a reference to those who receive it.  All of our services are research and best practice informed.



Atwell provides a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment to make truly informed decision-making.


Freedom of choice is a core Canadian principle.  Atwell values the right of individuals to make decisions about pregnancy and sexual health without shame, judgement or embarrassment.


Atwell is a faith-based agency. The love of Jesus informs all we do and every interaction we have with clients. We follow Christ’s example of love as we care for every person who walks through our doors with love, respect, and dignity.



We believe hope is powerful, and we desire that each person who comes to Atwell Centre finds a renewed sense of hope. Whether facing an unexpected pregnancy, an STI Test, post-abortion reality, or uncertainty around sexual health, our clients are not alone.

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