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The notion of becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming feeling for most people looking forward to their planned pregnancy. Those emotions can become much more intense for those who didn’t envision a pregnancy and have an untimely, and maybe even an unwelcome, surprise. If you’re currently dealing with this reality, we want you to know that we understand. At our clinic, we offer the support you need during your unexpected journey toward becoming a parent. 


Whatever short or long-term support you require regarding pregnancy and parenthood, we’re here to help you access a wealth of information for parenting practices, self-care, and maintaining healthy relationships.

New Parents

Caring for a child is a big and overwhelming responsibility, although you’ll often hear other parents say that raising a child is one of the most rewarding experiences. However, we understand that might not be every new parent’s thought process when they’re dealing with a pregnancy. There are a lot of things for new parents to learn about and understand when it comes to raising a child. 


At Atwell, we can assist you in preparation for when the baby comes into your life. During your pregnancy, you may learn about:

  • Parenting classes 
  • Prenatal classes
  • Childbirth education 
  • What to expect before and after the due date 
  • Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Child development
  • What supplies you will need for the new baby 
  • The growth and development of a newborn

Parenting Roles

Partnership Parenting

While in a committed relationship, it can be easier for both parents to encourage one another while raising a baby. They can depend on each other for help, love, and support during the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Single Parenting

Going at it alone may not be the easiest, but it has its rewards. One committed parent can make all the difference in a child’s life. Healthy single parents learn to be resilient people who pass this trait onto their children.


Just because you may no longer be together, doesn’t mean you cannot share the role of parenting your child. Sharing parenting responsibilities with your child’s father can benefit both you, your child and your child’s father. A parenting option worth exploring.

Foster Parents

There’s a lot of responsibility involved with raising a child. Placing your child in foster care can be a potential option that we can discuss with you. It’s important to have the right support and information offered to you when making this big decision. 


A temporary foster care placement is always an alternative for parents that allows them to have the time they need to come up with the right parenting or adoption plan suited for their situation.


If you have made the decision to raise your child, Atwell is here to lend many helping hands. We can provide birth parents with the proper community resources that are tailored to the needs of the parents and child. Our baby boutique program is offered to parents with children under the age of 2. 


The baby boutique can provide parents with essential baby supplies, such as clothing, diapers, wipes, toys, etc. Each item has been generously donated by our supportive community.

There are many resources available to you as a parent, like Healthy Babies and Healthy Children for pre- and postnatal care, EarlyOn Centres and many more. Come in and we can refer you to one.

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