Atwell Centre


Our Goals

  • Develop the ability to identify healthy & unhealthy relationships.

  • For today’s youth to fully understand the positive & negative outcomes of sexual decisions.

  • Empower each student to make positive choices towards optimal health.

  • The interactive program encourages students to make informed choices

  • Age-appropriate three one-hour sessions (Available in a middle and high school format)

  • Supports educators as they guide students through the Ontario Health Curriculum.


“The students felt safe enough to ask (the presenter) all the sexual health questions that came to their mind. They were engaged during the entire presentation. I appreciated the presenters’ honesty, truthfulness, and connection to the students while giving valuable information.”

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Our Mission

S.H.A.R.E. is the educational branch of Atwell where critical thinking skills are developed in today’s youth through the sharing of accurate information around healthy sexuality and relationships. 

Using age-appropriate methods, S.H.A.R.E. program presenters travel to public and private schools, churches, youth, and parachurch groups to deliver safe and engaging sexual education programs tailed for today’s youth.

Our Vision

That every student in Ontario would know the intrinsic value of themselves and others.

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