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The Adoption Process In Canada

The decision to select adoption services is never an easy one, but for many pregnant mothers, it ultimately feels like the best possible choice for them and their unborn child. If you are currently exploring pregnancy options, adoption may be a process you wish to learn more about. Atwell Centre is not an adoption agency, […]

Choosing a method of birth control is an incredibly important and highly personal decision. The choice is yours, but there are a variety of factors that may ultimately impact which birth control method you select. These include: Many birth control options (methods of contraception) exist, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. In order […]

The Importance Of Sexual Education For Teens

In the ever-changing reality of our constantly evolving society, teens face an incredible amount of information, pressure, and decisions every single day. From academics to friendships to social media, there’s a tremendous amount to navigate. Some of the most complex and significant choices that teens face revolve around their sexuality, sexual behaviour, and relationships. At […]


Understanding consent and the role that it plays in healthy sexual relationships is critical for partners of all ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Clearly confirming that you have your partner’s consent before engaging in sexual activity together is crucial every single time, no matter what. Use the information below to ensure that you fully understand […]


Giving birth to a new baby is a life-changing experience, and as you begin to adjust to life as a mother, it’s natural to experience a spectrum of emotions. Negative feelings in the postpartum period are nothing to feel ashamed about. On the contrary, nearly one-quarter of all Canadian mothers who have recently given birth […]

HAMILTON, Ontario:  Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Support Options, a well-known southern Ontario Community Health Agency provides non-judgmental support to women and men exploring pregnancy options and other sexual health issues, will be hosting its 11th Annual Gala on November 9, 2023.  The event will take place in person at Carmen’s Banquet Centre in Hamilton and will […]

Unplanned Pregnancy

Did you know that 61% of Canadian women will face an unexpected pregnancy in their lifetime? That means that more than half of the women you encounter every single day have had or will have this shared experience. But that doesn’t make it any easier. If you suspect you may have become pregnant or have […]

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Society often portrays pregnancy as a time of joyful anticipation, but for many women and their partners, this portrayal doesn’t reflect reality. Being pregnant comes with a whole host of physical symptoms and emotional changes that can be unexpected and overwhelming, even during a planned pregnancy. With an unplanned pregnancy, there can be even more […]