Post-Adoption Support

Post-Adoption Support

Even after it is finalized, adoption is an evolving experience with unique challenges. You don’t have to experience your emotions and challenges alone. Whether you’re a birth parent, adoptive parent, or adopted child, there are post-adoption support systems available to you. 

Below, we’ll go over potential post-adoption support services that can help on your journey:

Post-Adoption Challenges

Everyone’s adoption experience is different. Sometimes assistance is necessary to ensure the journey remains positive and constructive for years to come. After all, adoption isn’t a one-time event, it is a process. 

It’s perfectly normal for all parties to encounter challenges related to adoption, and it’s okay to ask for help. 

Assistance is available for a variety of issues, including:

  • Open adoption relationships
  • Counselling, consulting, and coaching
  • Education on international adoptees
  • Searching for birth parents
  • Family dynamics
  • Adoption adjustment 
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Identity during various stages of adoption
  • Trauma and abuse

Types of Post-Adoption Support

At Atwell Centre, we primarily provide post-adoption support to birth parents who are considering placing or have placed their child for adoption. However, a variety of other post-adoption services are available to those experiencing specific challenges with adoption in Halton and Hamilton, Ontario. It’s integral for an adoptive parent or adopted child to know where to look. 

Ontario adoption services and supports is a significant resource for an array of options that can assist those who have gone through domestic private, public, relative, or international adoption processes.  

Financial Support

There are many subsidies for adopting children in Ontario. Different types of financial support may be afforded to eligible families who adopt or take custody of siblings, older children, and younger children. Furthermore, financial assistance can be granted to an eligible family who adopted a child with identified special needs. The family may receive financial support to help cover medical needs based on an evaluation of the child. 

However, adoptive parents must look into the requirements to ensure eligibility. You can always contact the local children’s aid society for more information. 

Adopted Family Support  

Adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents may reach out to the Adoption Council of Ontario to receive outreach, support, and education. 

There are currently numerous support, counselling, and education services available for families interested in adoption, such as AdoptOntario and Centralized Adoption Intake Services. Private adoption agencies, like Beginnings Family Services and JFJ Hope Centre, often provide pre- and post-adoption counselling. Whether you’re going through domestic private, public, relative, or international adoption, you can find support groups, training programs, and information to help you on your adoption path. 

Child Development Support

It may take a long time for an adopted child to adjust to their situation. Many resources are available to help you and your child grow together as a family unit. 

Child development support can help with:

  • Attachment issues
  • Trauma
  • Developmental needs
  • Education
  • Mental health
  • Therapy

If your family is in need of child development support, ask your family doctor about resources available to you, connect with Contact Hamilton, or reach out to a counselling centre like Shalem Mental Health Network in Hamilton or the Reach Out Centre for Kids (the Rock) in Burlington that provides attachment therapy.

How We Can Help

Birth parents often experience grief when placing their child for adoption. Our post-adoption support services are available to birth parents who are considering placing their child for adoption or Atwell Centre clients who are struggling after the adoption placement has been made. Our professional staff are here to walk the adoption journey alongside you, whether it is processing the decision to place for adoption, preparing emotionally for the journey of grief that is to come, or grieving and cherishing your birth child after the adoption has been finalized. As we mentioned, all those involved in the adoption process experience a variety of thoughts and feelings. Learning how to cope with and manage difficult ones can help you celebrate the growth of the adopted child and move forward into the next chapter of your life. 

The adoption process often isn’t easy. If you’re looking for post-adoption support in Hamilton or Halton, contact Atwell Centre. Our registered nurses and social service staff strive to ensure all clients receive exceptional assistance and guidance during difficult times. 

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